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Mountain Village is the preferred supplier for Turkish products in the United Arab Emirates.

Supplying food and beverage products Mountain Village works closely with many different manufacturers and brand owners, whether that be as a joint-venture partner, distributor or agent. All the Turkish food and beverage items you have been waiting for is now just a few clicks away.

We bring Turkish supermarket products such as bagel (simit), pastry, natural spring water, mineral water, gazoz, soudjouk, pastrami, flatbread (gözleme), ravioli, pasta, Adana borek, white cheese, kashkaval, herbed cheese, yoghurt, ice cream, rulo milk cream, honey, jam, Turkish delight, künefe (kunafa), molasses, nuts, seeds, pulses, spices, olive and oil varieties, tomato paste, pomegranate syrup, acuka to the United Arab Emirates.

We deliver the most popular Turkish supermarket products to our customers living in the United Arab Emirates. You can cheer up your tables with flavors in different categories. You should definitely try the most delicious Turkish food and drinks!

As the best Turkish bakkal grocery store in the United Arab Emirates, we offer you Turkish foods and beverages at the best prices.

Bakery and pastry items, beverages, cold cuts and delicatessen items, dairy products, desserts, dry and packaged foods, sauces, pulses, spices, olives and oils are available on our website. All products arrive to United Arab Emirates as fresh and natural as the day they were produced.

If you want to get enough Turkish delicacies in UAE, don’t waste your time searching. Turkish bakkal Mountain Village offers you a unique flavor and provides options to suit your taste buds. You can start shopping immediately to catch the most valuable flavors at the most affordable price. We allow you to sign an adventure full of privileges while combining unique options with you. You can order it right away if you still haven’t teamed up with this exquisite flavor. Great moments await you. We claim you won’t find this flavor anywhere else in UAE!

Turkish Bakery products are an indelible part of Turkish culture and Turkish cuisine. Bread, bagel, savory bun, spring rolls, Turkish borek, Turkish Turkish pita, triangular pastry, bagel sandwich, Turkish Manti, Turkish kibbeh, Turkish flatbread…  Turkish bakery products are central to Turkish culture. Almost every meal you eat will be served with fresh bread in Turkey.

You can find pastry products for breakfast in the “Turkish bakery products” category. There are also delicious foods you can eat while drinking tea and coffee. We bring the delicious foods of Turkish cuisine to your door as Mountain Village. You can reach from this category to the delicious pastry products brought from Turkey to UAE!

Turkish Beverages are important for Turkish people. Turkey is a very rich country in terms of its cuisine and there are a lot of beverages made all around the nation. Turkish cold or hot beverages are part of the Turkish culture and all Turks drink theese beverages every day. Some of these beverages will warm you up in winter days and some will refresh you in summer days. The most common Turkish hot drinks are tea, coffee, boza and salep. The most common Turkish soft drinks are mineral water, gazoz, soda, salgam etc.

You can find all our drink products in “Beverages” category. Mineral water, natural spring water, fruit soda and many more products are in UAE with the assurance of Mountvill!