Sausage, which is consumed fondly at every moment of the day, especially at breakfast, is among the foods that appeal to the palate with its flavor. Among the varieties of sausage; There are products such as spicy, spicy, spicy, bitter, baton and fermented products. In addition to breakfast, you can also have it for barbecue, main meals, as a snack, such as pastry or omelette.

You can browse the sausage varieties that appeal to your palate and examine the products you want to buy from the delicatessen category and add the products you like to your basket immediately and have a pleasant shopping.

Sausage Recipe : Egg With Sausage


Have you tasted the delicious delicious egg with sausage before? How to make an egg with sausage? Now, you will start a wonderful day with the recipe we will give you so that you can make eggs with sausage in the most practical way and with a taste that will make even all master cooks jealous.

First of all, slice the sausages neither too thin nor too thick. Put it in the pan and start frying over medium heat. Meanwhile, prepare all the other ingredients. Beat the eggs. Add salt and a little pepper and beat again. Then fry the other side of the sausage and put the butter in the pan. Since the pan is hot, the oil can burn immediately. Therefore, after putting the oil, mix it and then immediately the egg. Touch. After you cook in the amount you want, you can take it to the table.

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