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Tokana Kol Boregi 800 Gr (with minced meat)

40.00 AED

Tokana Handmade Spring Rolls With Cheese

15.00 AED

Tokana Cheese Su Borek 800 Gr

19.00 AED

Adana Borek 1000 Gr

32.00 AED

Spring Rolls Mini With Spinach & Cheese 400 Gr.

15.00 AED

Turkish Bagel Sandwich with Kashkaval x4

12.30 AED

Turkish Plain Savory Bun x4

14.40 AED

Turkish Savory Bun with Black Olives pack of 4

16.40 AED

Turkish Kibbeh with Beef ( icli Kofte ) 55GR X10

24.10 AED

Turkish Triangle Ravioli ( ucgen Manti ) 400 GR

20.95 AED

Beef Pastrami Pastry with Cheese (Pacanga Boregi) 400 Gr

23.65 AED

Turkish Flat Bread with classic Cottage Cheese 100 Grx4

23.65 AED

Turkish Flat Bread with Cheese and Spinach

23.65 AED

Turkish Ravioli (%100 Dana Eti Manti)2.5 Kg

75.00 AED

Turkish Bagel (Simit) 4 pcs pack

12.50 AED

Pastry with Cheese 8 pcs in one pack

22.00 AED

Bakery products are an indelible part of Turkish culture and Turkish cuisine. Bread, bagel, savory bun, spring rolls, Turkish borek, Turkish Turkish pita, triangular pastry, bagel sandwich, Turkish Manti, Turkish kibbeh, Turkish flatbread…  Turkish bakery products are central to Turkish culture. Almost every meal you eat will be served with fresh bread in Turkey.

Be Ready to Taste Most Delicious Bakery Foods!

You can find pastry products for breakfast in the “Turkish bakery products” category. There are also delicious foods you can eat while drinking tea and coffee. We bring the delicious foods of Turkish cuisine to your door as Mountain Village. You can reach from this category to the delicious pastry products brought from Turkey to Dubai.

Turkish Mantı

Turkish manti is a traditional food of Turkey you have to taste! The tiny pastry type filled with spicy ground beef, cooked in water and served with a yougurt sauce. And served with butter sauce! You will love amazing taste of Turkish manti.

Turkish Bagel

Turkish bagel known as Simit is one of the most traditional, delicious street food of Turkey. They are round pastries with lots of sesame on them. Turkish bagel is the breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea snack and sometimes dinner. You can eat as it is or with cheese or olive paste and drink tea or ayran with it.

Turkish Kibbeh

Kibbeh is a family of dishes based on spiced ground meat and grain, popular in Turkish cuisine. It’s too delicious as an appetizer or side dish! Turkish Kibbeh, is a dish made with minced onions, bulgur and finely ground lean lamb with spices. Kibbeh can either be boiled or fried in butter to serve. You can buy kibbeh products on “Bakery” category.