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32.00 AED


32.00 AED


4.50 AED

Uludag Lemonade (Sugarfree) 250 ML in Glass Bottle

24.00 AED82.00 AED

Uludağ Frutti Extra Sparkling Soft Drink With Melon Juice 250 ml

24.00 AED82.00 AED

Uludag Natural Spring Water in Blue Bottle 750 ml x 6

56.00 AED

Polinar Lemonade 2 Liters

43.00 AED

Doğuş Fennel Tea

12.00 AED

Doğuş Green Tea

11.00 AED

Doğuş Sage Tea

12.00 AED

Doğuş Royal Tea

11.00 AED

Doğuş Rosehip Tea

11.00 AED

Doğuş Linden Tea With Honey And Ginger

12.00 AED

Doğuş Green Tea With Lemon

12.00 AED

Doğuş Apple Fruit Tea

11.00 AED

Doğuş Gurme Black Tea

22.00 AED

Ottoman Turkish Coffee 250 Gr

20.50 AED

Uludağ Frutti Extra Mandarin 250 ml

24.00 AED82.00 AED

Wood Roasted Turkish Coffee 250g

19.00 AED 19.00 AED - 36.00 AED

Wood Roasted Turkish Coffee with Mastic 250 Gr

22.00 AED

Wood Roasted Turkish Coffee with Hazelnut 250g

22.00 AED

Kakao Karukahveci Nuri Toplar 250 Gr

22.00 AED

Tomurcuk Bergamot Flavoured Black Tea 125 Gr

17.00 AED

Kurukahveci Mehmet Efendi Turkish Coffee 500g

36.00 AED

Natural Spring Water Still330 ml x12 Uludag Premium

48.00 AED

Uludag Premium Sparkling water 750 ml Glass Bottle x6

48.00 AED

Uludag Premium Sparkling Water 250 ml Glass Bottle x24

72.00 AED

Legendary Uludağ Gazoz Multi-Pack 250 ml

24.00 AED82.00 AED

Uludag Natural Mineral Water Glass Bottle 200ML X 24

45.00 AED

Legendary Uludağ Gazoz Orange Multi-Pack 250 ml

24.00 AED82.00 AED


Beverages are important for Turkish people. Turkey is a very rich country in terms of its cuisine and there are a lot of beverages made all around the nation. Turkish cold or hot beverages are part of the Turkish culture and all Turks drink theese beverages every day. Some of these beverages will warm you up in winter days and some will refresh you in summer days.

Turkish Hot Drinks

The most common Turkish hot drinks are tea, coffee, boza and salep.

Turkish Tea

Turkish tea is full-flavored and always served in small tulip-shaped glasses as hot. You can add sugar in Turkish tea and you can have it either lighter (weaker) or darker (stronger) depending on your taste. Traditional Turkish tea sometimes served with a samovar (Semaver in Turkish). You can drink traditional Turkish tea produced by Çaykur and Doğuş brands. You can shop in beverages category for Turkish tea in Dubai.

Turkish Coffee

Turkish coffee has unique taste consists of fluffy foam, rich dark coffee and the slight bitterness of ground beans. Extra finely ground roasted coffee beans are combined with water and optionally sugar in a traditional coffee pot (Turkish cezve).

Turkish people drinks coffee or tea after a good meal. A cold glass of water is always served next to your Turkish coffee. It is a symbol of friendship and a Turkish proverb says a cup of Turkish coffee has 40 years of respect. We sell Turkish coffee products in Dubai. You should taste uniquely strong and rich Turkish coffee.

Turkish Soft Drinks

The most common Turkish soft drinks are mineral water, gazoz, soda, salgam etc.

Turkish Salgam

Salgam is a popular vegetable-based drink in Turkey. Made from purple carrots, ground bulgur, salt, yeast, and water. Turkish salgam has many health benefits. Salgam eases digestion, increases the appetite, reduces swelling and carries a high concentrate of vitamin C.

Turkish Gazoz

Turkish gazoz is a sweet and refreshing. It is a light, carbonated soft drink in a variety of colors and flavors.