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Ottoman Turkish Coffee 250 Gr

33.00 AED

Wood Roasted Turkish Coffee 250g

33.00 AED45.00 AED

Wood Roasted Turkish Coffee with Mastic 250 Gr

33.00 AED

Wood Roasted Turkish Coffee with Hazelnut 250g

33.00 AED

Kakao Karukahveci Nuri Toplar 250 Gr

22.00 AED

Kurukahveci Mehmet Efendi Turkish Coffee 500g

45.00 AED

Coffee Products in United Arab Emirates

Turkish coffee, which is among the indispensable elements of Turkish culture; in pleasant conversations, after meals, during breaks at work; In short, it is in our lives everywhere. “A cup of coffee is worth forty years.” Coffee also has many benefits.

Coffee made without sugar in the mornings increases concentration.
It delays Alzheimer’s disease.
It protects heart health with the antioxidant it contains; It helps to relieve respiratory tract inflammation.
It reduces the risk of diabetes by 23%.
Coffee drunk before exercise helps fat burning.
It prevents the formation of gallstones.
It reduces the risk of fatty liver.
It is good for depression and headache.
It significantly reduces the rate of developing cancer.
It regulates the digestive system.
It protects the health of the skin.

The most preferred bean type in Turkish coffee varieties stands out as Brazilian Rio Minas. Apart from that, Arabica, Robusta, Maragogype are among other options. Turkish coffee varieties have increased by adding different aromatic flavors. Turkish coffee brands add many flavors such as mastic, strawberry, bitter almond, hazelnut, vanilla and caramel to coffee, which has come with the same taste for centuries.

Coffee beans; It is roasted lightly, medium, dark and very dark. Medium roasting is the most preferred method in Turkish coffee varieties because it gives the most delicious taste to the coffee. Although the type of roasting varies according to each bean, medium roasting is the most suitable to achieve the desired aroma in a quality coffee.

It is cooked by adding water and optionally sugar with the help of a coffee pot. It is served in small cups. Wait for a short time for the grounds to settle before drinking. The taste and softness level of Turkish coffee generally changes with the sugar ratio. Those who want to taste strong and full coffee drink without sugar, while those who want to drink sweeter prefer single sugar. The softness degree of Turkish coffee also varies according to the water used and the degree of roasting, apart from sugar.