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Polinar Lemonade 2 Liters

43.00 AED

Uludag Natural Mineral Water Glass Bottle 200ML X 24

45.00 AED

Soft Drink

Uludağ Spring Water Products

Uludağ Premium Natural Spring Water appeals to the palate with its soft drink and the freshness it brings from the heart of Uludağ, and to the eye with its specially designed glass and pet bottles.

The unique Uludağ Premium Natural Spring Water, which emerges from the heart of Uludağ with a completely natural adventure, is transported from its source in Uludağ at an altitude of 1800 meters to our production facility, through a 40-kilometer, food-safe, certified pipeline.

Uludağ Mineral Water Products

Uludağ Natural Mineral Water, which is rich in calcium (strengthens bones), magnesium (beneficial for heart and vascular health), bicarbonate (necessary for stomach and digestive system) and fluoride (strengthens teeth), has a balanced structure in terms of other minerals.

Uludağ Fruity Mineral Water Products

Uludağ Frutti, which has the mineral values ​​of natural mineral water; We offer lemon, apple, strawberry, watermelon-strawberry, peach flavored and pomegranate varieties containing 4% fruit concentrate to our consumers.

You can find all our soft drink products in this category. Mineral water, natural spring water, fruit soda and many more products are in UAE with the assurance of Mountvill!