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Soudjouk Products in United Arab Emirates

Today, one of the most consumed foods in breakfast is sausage and pastrami. Sausage and pastrami are among the foods that enrich our tables. Sausage and pastrami produced by many brands with traditional methods are considered a type of processed meat that we can safely consume. These foods, which are prepared through special processes, are very important in Turkish culture. Sausage and pastrami, which add flavor to foods such as eggs, which we consume on our tables, are also beneficial for health.

Soudjouk varieties vary according to their processing and ingredients. Spices are the condiments that add flavor to sausage and crown its nutrition. Products that are prepared with little or very spicy can also be made with beef, sheep, chicken and turkey meat. If you prefer the traditional sausage flavor, you should turn to fermented products prepared with veal and local spices.

Traditionally, sausage is made from 100% beef, but it is also possible to find varieties made from turkey and chicken. Thus, sausage prices will vary according to the type of meat.

You can check the varieties on our page right now and buy a sausage you want. You can reach different options through the Soudjouk category.