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35.00 AED

DANONE – Krema (Cooking Cream) 1000ml

22.00 AED

Shredded Mozzarella 900 Gr

35.00 AED

Whole-Fat Aged Herbal Cheese (Otlu Peynir)

32.00 AED64.00 AED

Izmir Tulum Cheese

34.00 AED68.00 AED

Erzincan Tulum Cheese

30.00 AED60.00 AED

Ezine Classic Cheese (Ezine İnek Peyniri) 600gr

37.00 AED

Maturated Kashkaval Cheese 350 Gr. (Eski Kaşar Peyniri)

32.00 AED


Dairy products in Turkish Cuisine decorate the tables of the whole world. Turkish cheeses, Turkish butter, Turkish kaymak etc. Turkish dairy products are produced by the cows that are fed in a geography adorned by nature. Mountain Village is bringing to your table this freshness and purity you’ve always dreamed of. Dairy products arrive to United Arab Emirates as fresh and natural as the day they were produced.

Turkish Cheeses

Turkish cheeses are usually preferred on breakfast tables, snacks or dishes. You will enjoy the unique breeze of flavor of Turkish cheese varieties coming straight from the Turkey. Turkish White cheese, Turkish Kashkaval cheese, Turkish Tulum cheese, Turkish herbal cheese, Turkish knitted cheese, Turkish mihalic cheese, Turkish string cheese etc. You can find incredibly delicious cheese products in Dairy category. Mountvill offers a variety of Turkish cheeses in United Arab Emirates for you.

Turkish Butter – Tereyagi

Turkish butter is made with a combination of pasteurized cow’s milk cream and butter cultures and consumed as a breakfast item. Turkish butter (Tereyagi) is washed with ice-cold water, then stirred with a large wooden spoon for a long time until the butter is shaped. This butter has a unique flavor, color, and aroma is produced using only traditional methods.

Turkish Kaymak – Milk Cream

This traditional Turkish dairy product involves boiling, simmering, and skimming of fresh milk before the resulting cream is allowed to chill and develop into a thick, smooth, and velvety dairy delicacy. Turkish kaymak has rich and slightly tangy flavor and a high content of milk fat. Turkish milk cream is typically enjoyed for breakfast or as an accompaniment to a variety of hot desserts such as ayva tatlisi, künefe, and ekmek kadayifi. A delicious breakfast dish in Turkey, bal kaymak is a delicious combination of kaymak and honey. It is a traditional breakfast product produced from water buffalo milk, very similar to clotted cream – that is generously doused with honey.