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Aykan Chechil Cheese (Çeçil Peyniri) 500 Gr

35.00 AED

Shredded Mozzarella 900 Gr

32.00 AED

Ezine Çiftliği Pide Kashkaval 2 Kg

70.00 AED

Pınar Halloumi Cheese 200 Gr

13.75 AED

Mountain Village Old Kashkaval (Eski Kaşar Peyniri) 1 Kg

70.00 AED

Mountain Village Smoked Cheese (İsli Peynir) 1 KG

70.00 AED

Aykan Grated Mozzarella 2.5 Kg

82.00 AED

Aykan Knitted Cheese 500 Gr

35.00 AED

Aykan Cheese Balls 2.5 Kg

94.00 AED

Tahsildaroglu White Cheese 400 Gr-800 Gr

16.50 AED29.75 AED

%85 cow milk Fresh Kashkaval 1 Kg

47.00 AED

Tahsildaroglu White Cheese 400 GR

16.50 AED

Whole-Fat Aged Herbal Cheese (Otlu Peynir)

29.50 AED59.00 AED

Izmir Tulum Cheese

32.50 AED65.00 AED

Ezine Whole – Fat Aged Cow Cheese

52.00 AED

Erzincan Tulum Cheese

30.00 AED60.00 AED

Spreadable Curd Cheese For Breakfast 300 Gr

12.00 AED

Ezine Ripened white Cheese 600 gr.

39.75 AED

Knitted Cheese (Örgü Peyniri) 200 GR

15.25 AED

Ripened Goat Cheese ( Ezine ) 600gr

39.75 AED

Ezine Classic Cheese (Ezine İnek Peyniri) 600gr

34.75 AED

Maturated Kashkaval Cheese 350 Gr. (Eski Kaşar Peyniri)

28.50 AED

Cheese Products in United Arab Emirates

Cheese, which is indispensable for breakfast, delicious toasts and light snacks, is among the foods that many people love to eat. Cheese varieties prepared according to different tastes are offered to consumers. There are many varieties such as cheddar, white, ezine, tongue, cheddar, halloumi, parmesan, cream, goat, sheep, strained, labne, tulum, knit, chechil, curd and yörük. You can consume a variety of products that are dazzling with their flavors in their freshest and most delicious forms.

In addition to standard cheese varieties, specially prepared for consumers who are open to different tastes; You can also try roasted and hot pepper fresh cheese, triple pepper, thyme-olive products, and flavors such as Kars gruyere and herb cheese for breakfast. In addition to sandwiches, toast and breakfast, you can make your dinners reach the perfect taste by decorating them with different types of cheese, especially on the bakery dishes.

You can easily examine the products offered in the milk and breakfast category according to your own taste and the tastes of your family. You can list your favorite varieties and order them immediately if you wish.