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Tokana Hatay Kunafah 125 Gr x 2 Pcs (Künefe)

13.00 AED

Yenigun Harnup Carob Syrup 800 Gr

15.50 AED

Yenigun Grape Molasses 950 Gr

20.00 AED

Honeycomb Wooden Box 1100 Gr.

65.00 AED

Strained Flower Honey Squeeze Bottle 280g

15.50 AED

Strained Flower Honey Glass Jar 850 Gr

45.00 AED

Canpetek Honeycomb 880 Gr.

57.50 AED

Gold Serie carrot desert 450 gr

11.00 AED

Gold Serie Green walnut jam 450 gr

13.50 AED

Gold serie Walnut fig Desert 450 gr

11.50 AED

Gold Serie green fig Jam 450 gr

11.00 AED

Gold Serie Bluberry Jam 450 gr

26.50 AED

Gold Serie Aubergine Jam Walnut Filled 450 Gr

11.50 AED

Gold Serie pumpkin jam 450 gr

11.00 AED

Gold series bitter orange jam 450 gr

11.00 AED

Grape Molasses 1.4 Kg

22.00 AED

Tahini 1.1 Kg

18.50 AED

In this category, you can find delicious jams, molasses, tahini and honey. You should definitely try the most delicious dessert and sweets! You can buy delicious breakfast desserts at the most affordable prices.