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Honeycomb Wooden Box 1250 Gr.

86.00 AED


37.00 AED

Strained Flower Honey Squeeze Bottle 280g

16.50 AED

Strained Flower Honey Glass Jar 850 Gr

46.00 AED

Canpetek Honeycomb 880 Gr.

61.00 AED

Turkish Honey in United Arab Emirates

For many years, honey is one of the healthiest food  that humans can consume from bees. Although honey is a natural source of antioxidants. It is good for many diseases. In addition to being consumed at breakfast, it is also used as an additional food to strengthen the health and immune system. You can also choose from honey varieties such as flower, chestnut, mad honey, oak, lavender and karakovan.

Flower honeys can be found in the form of honeycomb or strained honey. The varieties of strained honey that are separated from the comb directly from the comb without organic heat treatment or pasteurization are called raw honey. Honeycomb honey, another type of flower honey, is very valuable and can be consumed with its honeycomb.

Turkish honey obtained from springs in natural conditions in Turkey are carefully packaged and presented to our dear customers. Delicious Turkish honey meets our customers in the UAE.