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Gold Serie carrot desert 450 gr

19.50 AED

Gold Serie Green walnut jam 450 gr

22.50 AED

Gold serie Walnut fig Desert 450 gr

23.50 AED

Gold Serie green fig Jam 450 gr

18.50 AED

Gold Serie Bluberry Jam 450 gr

26.50 AED

Gold Serie Aubergine Jam Walnut Filled 450 Gr

25.50 AED

Gold Serie pumpkin jam 450 gr

13.50 AED

Gold series bitter orange jam 450 gr

14.50 AED

Turkish Jam in United Arab Emirates

Turkish jam, one of the indispensable desserts of Turkish cuisine and breakfast foods, can be consumed at every meal of the day for hundreds of years. Jams are made from different ingredients, but they always contain sugar. Jams made by boiling fruits with water and sugar will add flavor to your breakfasts. Starting the day with jam is the most important step in getting a fresh start. The best known jam types are strawberry, fig, cherry, apricot, orange and blueberry. In addition to these, you can find different jam types on You can buy Yenigün jam varieties in this category.

Start the Day with Jam, Stay Fit Until the Evening!