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Natural And Sun Dried Apricot

47.00 AED

Gramas Sun-dried Apricots 5 Kg

271.00 AED

Almond Sliced 250 Gr

19.75 AED

Raw Pistachio 250 Gr

43.00 AED

Pasha Sun-dried Apricots 200 Gr

16.75 AED

Nuts & Seeds

Thanks to its high nutritional value, nut snacks that help nutrition have a formula enriched with energy and other nutrients that you need to take during the day.

Nuts & seeds can consist of a single nut such as kaju, pistachio, hazelnut, almond kernels or by placing more than one nut in the same package in the form of mixed cocktails. These snacks, which create a very rich nutritional value thanks to the combination of many different products and various combinations, provide different features such as resistance, energy and vitality during the day.

You can try mixtures that combine delicious flavors such as cocktail nuts and you can find all your favorite snacks in a single package. You can enrich your taste buds and enjoy chatting with your loved ones with the magnificent combination of yellow chickpeas, pumpkin seeds, white chickpeas, hazelnuts and peanuts in the cocktail product.