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TAT – Makarna Pasta 500g

4.00 AED

Veronelli Classic Vermicelli

2.62 AED

Veronelli Spaghetti

3.12 AED


Pasta, which is an easy to prepare, satisfying and delicious meal, appeals to all kinds of tastes with its different varieties. Special options produced by Turkey’s and the world’s famous pasta brands are also available through Mountvill. In addition to Mountvill’s special discounts and campaigns, multi-pack purchases can also provide very reasonable pasta prices.

How about meeting pasta, which is one of the most important flavors of Italian cuisine and is preferred by almost everyone? Delicious, satisfying and a very practical option, you will enjoy both eating and preparing pasta. How about more details about pasta, which opens the door to very special flavors and grows to your aid in the most difficult moments?

Pastas are flavor that is prepared from semolina and can be consumed easily thanks to the fact that it is cooked in about 5 minutes. Tomato paste, sauce, and some other types of this flavor make it the choice of almost everyone aged young. Besides, the fact that its nutritional values are also quite good is one of the reasons why pasta is very preferred.

Pastas are products that vary according to the preferences of individuals and differ only in shape. If you want to consume pasta in United Arab Emirates, which tastes the same and is quite satisfying in this aspect, Mountvill will be the right address for you. Mountvill attracts attention with its variety, which brings special pastas to your tables.

If pasta preparation is more than a meal prepared for you, then take a look at Mountvill products and open the door to quality-filled flavors!