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Tat Wheat 1 Kg

7.50 AED

Tat Einkorn Wheat 500 Gr

5.75 AED

Fine Bulgur 1 Kg

6.50 AED

Coarse Bulgur 1 Kg

6.50 AED

Chickpeas 9mm

12.00 AED

Red Lentil 1 KG

11.50 AED


Pulses are used together with fresh vegetables or meet and take their place on the table. Its nutritional value is quite high. Pulses are the most important key to a healthy diet. In Turkish cuisine, there are many recipes made with spices, meat products, vegetables or just pulses on their own.

You can find products such as bulgur (wheat), chickpeas, red lentils, and rice in this “Pulses” category.