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Stuffed Cheese Green Olive 2 Kg

60.40 AED

Cherry Pepper Stuffed With Cheese (1900gr)

81.00 AED

Olive & Oil

Olive & oil, one of the most special products of the lands dominated by the Mediterranean climate, is among the indispensable tastes of the tables. Olive, which has a high nutritional value as well as its taste, contains plenty of vegetable protein. In addition to being an ideal source of vegetable protein, olives also contain intensely vitamins A, C and E. Those who make healthy eating a way of life can consume it daily. Olives, which have various colors such as black and green, also have different varieties such as scratched, brined and sliced olives. Known for its intense flavor and alternatives suitable for different palates, olives are used in many different recipes in kitchens.

Turkish Olive & Oil

There are different olive varieties in Turkey. Olives are divided into many different groups in terms of the regions where they are grown or their characteristics. Although we divide these species into two main headings as green and black, we can also divide them into many varieties such as black, green, crushed green, saddle, scratched green, peppered green, anklet, black pickled, spicy, crushed, pitted olives. Different types of olives are grown in different places in our country. You can find different olive varieties in this category.

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Natural & Nutritious Olive & Oil

Olive oil, which can be used in many different dishes and salads, has different types such as natural, refined and riviera. You can make delicious and nutritious meals by using quality olive oil. The main point that determines the quality and type of olive oil is the olive species used in its production.

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