Turkish cheeses are usually preferred on breakfast tables. But it is worth saying that some dishes and snacks can also be prepared with this flavor. Before exploring the flavors that can be prepared with cheese, let’s look at the benefits of cheese!

Benefits of Turkish Cheese

Did you know that you can get extraordinary privileges thanks to Turkish cheese, one of the indispensable breakfast tables? It is a well-known fact that the Turks attach great importance to breakfast. It is necessary to take a closer look at this exquisite option related to Turkish cuisine, which proves that it is high quality not only with its dishes but also with its breakfast dishes.

Why You Should Choose Turkish Cheeses

Like any person who wants to eat healthy foods, do you want to eat healthy foods? Then, it would help if you looked at the flavor of Turkish cheeses. Here are the unique benefits you will get with this great nutrient!

  • You can heal your bone resorption problems,
  • You can get rid of diseases caused by infections,
  • You can eliminate a significant problem such as diarrhea,
  • You can heal your digestive system problems,
  • Increases energy levels by supporting brain development,
  • Dental caries is removed,
  • Supports prevention of significant problems such as chronic bronchitis,
  • Eliminates health problems such as high blood pressure,
  • Supports cholesterol level,
  • It is useful in defeating severe diseases such as cancer.

Are you also ready to prepare incredible dishes with cheese, which has these privileged advantages?

Recipes with Traditional Turkish Cheese

You can take advantage of all the benefits of this food with sumptuous dishes that you will prepare with Turkish cheese. Whether you make a burrito or add great cheeses to your pasta, it will support your health! Let’s take a closer look at all of the cheese options served at Mountain Village!

7 Amazing Turkish Cheeses Everyone Should Taste

1- Turkish White Cheese

White cheeses come in a wide variety of flavors in Turkey. They can be made from either sheep, goat or cow’s milk. Turkish white cheese can be a hard, or soft. Also white cheeses can be from whole milk or half. It’s an important taste of traditional Turkish breakfast. It’s also often eaten ad a meze on dinners. White cheese is put into pastries, bakery goods and salads.

Turkish cheeses

Turkish White Cheese

2- Turkish Kashkaval Cheese

Kashkaval cheese is a sheep-and-cow’s-milk blended cheese.

Turkish Cheeses

Turkish Kashkaval Cheese (Kashar Cheese)

3- Turkish Tulum Cheese

Tulum cheeses are primarily consumed on their own either in Turkish breakfast or as a meze over dinner. Turkish Tulum cheese isoften with a mixture of sheep’s milk and cow’s milk. It is too delicious with fresh butter and hot Turkish bread! Tulum is a mature cheese and is usually left to sit for a minimum of 3 to 6 months. The most famous are İzmir tulum and Erzincan tulum cheese.

Turkish cheeses

Turkish İzmir Tulum Cheese

4- Turkish Herbal – Herbed Cheese (Otlu Cheese)

Turkish Herbed Cheese is a type of cheese made out of sheep’s or cow’s milk. Herbed cheese varieties are traditional in Turkey and have been manufactured for more than 200 years.

Turkish cheeses

Turkish Herbal Cheese

5- Turkish Knitted Cheese (Örgü Cheese)

Knitted cheese offers different regional flavor alternatives with its hard and salty structure. Turkish knitted cheeses, which are produced in the form of hair braids consume with breakfasts and salads.

Turkish cheeses

Turkish Knitted Cheese

6- Turkish Mihalic Cheese 

Mihalic cheese is an old cheese that originates in the Ottoman Empire. Production of this cheese is limited with Balikesir and Bursa. Turkish Mihalic cheese also known as Kelle cheese is made from unpasteurised sheep’s milk and stored in brine before it hardens and dries.

Turkish Cheeses

Turkish Mihalic Cheese

7- Turkish String Cheese (Dil Cheese) 

Turkish string cheese is produced using pasteurized cow’s milk. It’s most important characteristic is that it separates into fibres.

Turkish cheese

Turkish String Cheese

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