Uludağ Mineral water has been consumed by individuals of all ages as a natural health resource for many years. This beverage, which is a serious source of health and healing for our body with its many vitamins and minerals, is brought together with us in its pure and natural form.

Uludağ has been continuing to produce natural mineral water without interruption since 1912. Also known as “Keşiş Mountain Uludağ Water”, Uludağ’s mass production of these mineral waters is one of the first products that come to mind in the search for a good mineral water with the trust and taste elements that the brand provides to its consumers.

Uludağ mineral water consumption helps strengthen bone health with the calcium it contains. With its magnesium content, it provides benefits for both cardiovascular health. With its bicarbonate content, it ensures that the digestive system works well and protects stomach health. Uludağ Natural Mineral Waters are also full of vitamins and minerals.

Premium Natural Uludağ Mineral Water

Uludağ Premium natural mineral water is the first and only mineral water that meets the term “lightly carbonated mineral water” in our country. This light drinking feature is 7 gr / lt. It is due to the natural carbon dioxide gas content. Thanks to its content, it offers easy drinking to its consumers when consumed with meals as well as with meals.

Uludağ Fruit Juice Mineral Water Types

Uludag aqueous mineral water, fruit drinks, the market “Uludag Frutti Extra” first name be pushed preservative-free fruit produced in Turkey remains as the only place in the area as the aqueous mineral water. 5 percent natural fruit juice is used in its production.

With its melon, pear, grapefruit, tropical, green lemon, forest fruit and tangerine options, Uludağ Frutti Extra offers us the natural benefits of mineral water and adds flavor to its taste with the natural fruit juice flavor in mineral waters.

Uludağ Flavored Mineral Water Types

Uludağ flavored mineral water is one of the varieties that have both aroma and vitamin C added to some of these aromas. These mineral water varieties, which appear as “Uludağ Frutti” and “Uludağ Frutti C Max”, have delicious natural aromas in the form of a mixture of orange, peach, strawberry, pomegranate, apple, lemon, watermelon-strawberry.

Vitamin C-added mineral waters, which we call C Max, meet the vitamin C content that the human body needs on a daily basis. These mineral waters, which are highly appreciated in this respect, are produced with completely additive-free and natural production standards, as in all other Uludağ beverages.